The Princess Archives

Abigail the Lost Princess, The Princess Archives Book One

I'm just a normal girl in college finishing my degree in history. One drunken night and everything changes. Crazy people kidnap me, dress me in a renaissance gown and put a crown on my head. Why is there a hot guy in bloomers? I have to get out of here. But where am I? And what year is it?
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Adeline the Betrothed Princess, The Princess Archives Book Two

I've waited twenty years to meet my future husband. Now I wish I never did; I think he may be crazy. There is no such thing as magic and time travel. So why is my betrothed the Prince and his father the King of Ireland telling me it is real? That we have to leave tonight, to travel four hundred years into the future, so my betrothed can marry my sister. Well as long as I don't have to marry a crazy person, that's fine with me.

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SNEAK PEAK: Eina the Druid Princess, The Princess Archives Book Three

I live in a world of magic. Being the guardian of my whole clan is something I've been training for my whole life. Protect the clan, seems simple enough. That is until the clan chief, my grandmother tells me to protect my clan; I have to travel four hundred years into the future.